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overview: Remove Auspice version releasing info

Remove the documentation for releasing new Auspice versions out of
external-facing contribution documentation. The removed paragraph will
instead live in the nextstrain/documentation repo.
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......@@ -17,13 +17,3 @@ This documentation is all contained within the Auspice GitHub repo -- see [the R
We're very happy to have outside contributions to Auspice and see it grow.
If you are interested in contrubuting code then we would recommend that you create a [GitHub issue]( before spending time in the codebase.
For pull requests, please use [eslint]( as much as possible -- thanks!
## Releasing New Versions of Auspice
New versions are released via the `./` script from an up-to-date `master` branch.
It will prompt you for the version number increase, push changes to the `release` branch and, as long as Travis-CI is successful, then a new version will be automatically published to [npm](
> Note that for this to work, you will need to have push access to the [auspice]( repository.
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