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    Added check for zero valid sites · 8ce34773
    mvalle authored
    Upgraded doxygen and fixed doxygen comments
    Fixed bug in write results
    Changed computation order. First H1 then H0
    Changed option init H1 from H0 to init H0 from H1
    Added maximization forced stop if result does not already pass the LRT
    Added MPI trace level and fixed messages
    Added testing hooks to BEB.
    Passed scale values from H1 to BEB
    Fixed relative error default
    Added initial map of internal to external site numbers
    Changed iterator initialization
    git-svn-id: https://svn.vital-it.ch/svn/hp2c/trunk/Codeml_Variants/Fastcodeml@4924 95c5a404-1f88-0410-a6b0-c3f062b6f34a