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Add TODO file

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parent c10d2745
- Unit Tests (a general test suite)
- More details in INSTALL file
to help users!!!
- Add an option to deal with different genetic code
and maybe user own genetic code file
- Display estimated tree (not only branch lengths) in default
- Promote FastCodeML in Bio* packages:
BioPerl, BioPython, BioJava, BioRuby
Open questions:
- Test if FastCodeML can avoid leaf computation
- Test what FastCodeML does with branch around root (pseudoroot)?
Does it comput only one of them in rooted tree case?
- How to force H0 computation if H1 is not significative?
- dos2unix all files?
......@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ svn up
mkdir FastCodeML-$VERSION
cp -r * FastCodeML-$VERSION/
rm -Rf FastCodeML-$VERSION/FastCodeML-$VERSION/
tar cvf FastCodeML-$VERSION.tar --exclude=$(basename $0) --exclude=.svn --exclude=fast.unstripped FastCodeML-$VERSION/
tar cvf FastCodeML-$VERSION.tar --exclude=$(basename $0) --exclude=.svn --exclude=fast.unstripped --exclude=TODO FastCodeML-$VERSION/
gzip -9 FastCodeML-$VERSION.tar
tar tvfz FastCodeML-$VERSION.tar.gz
rm -Rf FastCodeML-$VERSION/
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