Commit 83e309a2 authored by Sebastien Moretti's avatar Sebastien Moretti
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Exclude .git directory in tarball creation script

parent c08a4777
...@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ svn up ...@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ svn up
mkdir FastCodeML-$VERSION mkdir FastCodeML-$VERSION
cp -r * FastCodeML-$VERSION/ cp -r * FastCodeML-$VERSION/
rm -Rf FastCodeML-$VERSION/FastCodeML-$VERSION/ rm -Rf FastCodeML-$VERSION/FastCodeML-$VERSION/
tar cvf FastCodeML-$VERSION.tar --exclude=$(basename $0) --exclude=.svn --exclude=fast.unstripped --exclude=TODO FastCodeML-$VERSION/ tar cvf FastCodeML-$VERSION.tar --exclude=$(basename $0) --exclude=.svn --exclude=.git --exclude=fast.unstripped --exclude=TODO FastCodeML-$VERSION/
gzip -9 FastCodeML-$VERSION.tar gzip -9 FastCodeML-$VERSION.tar
tar tvfz FastCodeML-$VERSION.tar.gz tar tvfz FastCodeML-$VERSION.tar.gz
rm -Rf FastCodeML-$VERSION/ rm -Rf FastCodeML-$VERSION/
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