Commit 03afdfc8 authored by Sebastien Moretti's avatar Sebastien Moretti
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No commit message

No commit message
parent f9ef540d
......@@ -568,7 +568,7 @@ sub LOCAL_BLAST
elsif ( $method=~ /^pdbid$/i && $database=~ /expressopdb/ ){
#BLAST pour Expresso
open (COM,"$BLASTMAT; $BLASTDB; $blast_dir_expresso -p blastp -d $database_expresso -i $query_file -F $filter -e $Eval -M $matrix -v $align -b $align |") or die;
open (COM,"$blast_dir_expresso -p blastp -d $database_expresso -i $query_file -F $filter -e $Eval -M $matrix -v $align -b $align |") or die;
open (COM,"$blast_dir -p blastp -d $database -i $query_file -v 1 -b 1 -F $filter -e $Eval -M $matrix -v $align -b $align -a $process |") or die;
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